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Pete Riefel has a storied career marked by dedication and service. Born in 1965 and raised in Michigan, Pete embarked on a path of significant contributions starting with his enlistment in the United States Air Force in 1984. Over eight years, he specialized as a hazardous material specialist at McChord AFB, Washington, and notably served in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm in 1991. Following an honorable discharge in 1992, Pete ventured to Texas, seeking new beginnings.

Settling into life in Texas, Pete married in 1992 and has since nurtured a loving family of six children and two grandchildren. His career transitioned from military service to public safety in 2002, when he joined the City of Austin Emergency Medical Services. Over 19 years, he dedicated himself as a Paramedic, retiring in 2021 after a commendable tenure.

In 2023, Pete’s professional journey took another exciting turn as he joined MOAB Construction as a superintendent. With his extensive background in concrete construction and metal fabrication, Pete is well-equipped to handle the rigors of the construction industry. He eagerly embraces the daily challenges that come with his role and is enthusiastic about contributing to future projects.

Pete Riefel’s biography reflects a life committed to service, both in the military and community, underscored by his role as a family man and a leader in every field he has ventured into.

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